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No One Cares about the Rooster

A second storyline emerges with twenty-seven footnotes made to Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s 1961 novella ‘No One Writes To The Colonel’, which he considered to be his greatest work.  A selection of the footnotes is included in the group publication and partly visualized through drawings.

Did I forget to mention that the story is told from the rooster’s view? Well, that happens.

1. Just a couple of citations from the rooster:I had been waiting for the skinny man for a whole morning. It was not easy as that morning got colder than the day before and much colder and more humid than the days before yesterday. While I was waiting, I had to sit on the cold ground, unable to walk around. This annoyed me but nothing annoyed me more than the hunger.

16. “Take a chance before the death takes you, old man. ”

17. Thief! Robber! Liar! MY CORN!

20. Corn, corn, corn…

27. Time for sunrise and corn. Nights were getting longer so you sleep for too long. But I could definitely understand that. We had a long winter ahead, which meant enough time to sleep, to waste and to plan for the spring. After all, in such a bitterly unproductive long winter, there were few things to do other than waiting.

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